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Why Associated Inspection Firm?

Choose us to perform your home inspection

Buying property, selling property and maintaining property can be overwhelming. I can help reduce your unneeded stress by providing you with the information you need to make a sound real estate transaction. I work diligently with both buyers, sellers and their real-estate agents to inform you of the condition of the property with a thorough inspection. All documented in an easy to read and understand report at a fair competitively priced inspection.

With experience in real estate from being on both sides of the fence as a buyer and a seller, I understand how important it is to all parties that a thorough accurate inspection is performed. A home inspection has become almost a necessity in buying property now days, with more than 80 percent of all real estate transactions involving a buyer’s inspection and or a seller’s inspection. An experienced home inspector can help prevent you from making costly real estate mistakes.

With so many home inspectors to choose from many of which are "fly-by-night" or commodity driven, it's tough to find a qualified professional home inspector that is willing to work side by side with you and go the extra step for your benefit. I accept NO influence from anyone, making me an impartial third party. The sole purpose it to inform you the client the condition of your property/investment. To provide you with a comprehensive, independent, objective evaluation so you can understand and take care of your assets. Your interests are my interests before, during and after the inspection.

Associated Inspection Firm is one of the most trusted and reliable names in the home inspection industry throughout all of Vancouver, Washington and the greater Portland, Oregon area. Being involved in two of the nation’s largest home inspection associations and many local associations requires time and dedication to the highest ethics in the industry.

I have inspected 150 unit apartment complexes, strip malls and thousands of single family homes throughout the area.

If you demand an ethical, educated, experienced, and reliable home inspector, call or email us today.