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Pricing Information

affordable home inspection

Associated Inspection Firm realizes the importance of buying or selling real estate and offers very competitive inspection rates. The price is dependent on several factors:

  1. The square footage of the home or building;
  2. The age of the home or building;
  3. The amount of time required onsite; and
  4. The type of specialty inspections being performed

Depending on the above factors, a home inspection will vary between $250 and $450.

Associated Inspection Firm realizes that buying or selling real estate is a big investment, to most people it is the largest investment of their lives. Finding just the right inspector can be a difficult one. In choosing your home inspector, price shouldn't be your first concern. Education and experience of the inspector, a sincere desire to work for you - the buyer, and not the realtors, and a comprehensive 1000+ point Inspection should be your first concerns.

The price of your inspection is minimal when compared to the risk of undiscovered costly repairs. It is very rare that we don't find needed repairs that more than pay for the inspection itself. Repair totals have occasionally exceeded the inspection fee by at least 10 times. At the worst-case-scenario, unaddressed repairs could be life threatening.

Associated Inspection Firm charges a fair and ethical inspection fee based on the size and age of the specific property plus the type of inspections required and time spent onsite. You will agree that we will deliver the very best the industry has to offer.

Please contact us and we would love to tailor an inspection around your needs.