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Home Inspection Services

What is a Home Inspection?

A home inspection is an objective visual examination of the physical structure and systems of the home from the foundation to the roof. I inspect all accessible areas including a thorough examination of the crawlspace and attic area. I document what was observed and give recommendations for repairs, upgrades, or further evaluation.

Most home inspections take between 2-4 hours depending on the condition of the structure and how much needs to be documented. Buyers are encouraged to be there to ask questions and use my extensive knowledge to further educate yourself about the systems of the home. If for some reason you cannot make it to the home inspection, my exceptionally detailed, easy-to-read, picture-filled, home inspection report will make you feel as though you were there every step of the way. I am always available to answer questions about the report afterwards.

The Home Inspection Report

My home inspection reports are more than a “condition only” report. The reports are detailed to thoroughly document what is observed (both the good and bad!) with color pictures and extensive written commentary. The goal is to inform you of the general condition and age of the home and any installed components. In addition, I use state-of-the-art technology to produce computer generated reports that include a summary page so you can quickly view the immediate problems requiring attention.

This type of reporting will give you a much better understanding of the condition of the property and what you can expect in the future for component replacement or maintenance needs. There’s nothing worse than a home inspector stating an item is functional at the time of the inspection, just to find out later that it is at the end of its lifespan and must be replaced soon after you close. Documentation of the components is what you really are looking for in a quality home inspector. I promise to give the Best Value for your money, guaranteed.

A past client, who is a physician in Portland, Oregon, commented: "Your Home Inspection report has more content than my patient reports."

New Home Inspection vs. Old Home Inspection

Older homes will have older components. Some homes will have been upgraded, some will be partially upgraded, and some will have the original components. Most do not meet today's safety standards. I will inform you of any unsafe conditions or concerns so you can prioritize possible upgrades.

I specialize in and enjoy inspecting older vintage homes in the Portland and Vancouver area. Problem items I often encounter are with component upgrades or repairs and how they were installed. All components of a home have a limited life span. Even with proper upkeep and maintenance, this life span eventually requires replacement. Let me inspect your new vintage home and I will determine the conditions of these components so you can make an informed decision.

New homes are just that, new. All of the components are new including newer types of building materials. Most of these newer building materials will not withstand the effects of deferred maintenance that older homes can. Maintenance is the key to a healthy home. With builders and sub contractors in such a hurry to construct homes these days, too many items are overlooked.  On average the county building inspector will be at the home for minimal amount of time in comparison to the time devoted to a full home inspection.

In addition, the county inspectors do not really address some of the newer building materials installation techniques. Installers are left to interpret and follow manufacturer’s installation instructions. This is the number one problem I encounter on newer homes: products not installed per guidelines. Each system needs to work with the other system around it. When these systems are not installed correctly or when one system conflicts with another, devastating effects can occur, and you are left paying for it.

Rest assured, you have located the most qualified home inspector in the Portland/Vancouver area. James Fronsdahl has the experience, knowledge, education and commitment to give you the very best home inspection for the money.

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