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Our Associations

A.I.I. - American Institute of Inspectors.

The American institute of Inspectors ® is a non-profit corporation established as an inspection trade association. The purpose of the association is to promote a high level of professionalism in the inspection industry by certifying qualified individuals as inspectors. This is accomplished through approved training and examination of those who apply for certification.

The A.I.I. ™ Board of Directors is composed of Inspection and Construction Educators, Insurance Professionals, Attorneys, as well as Active and Retired Inspectors. All have high regard for professionalism in the Inspection Industry. This Board donates their time and effort for the benefit of the association members.

Members who become certified operate under the Standards of Practice and Code Of Ethics of the American Institute of Inspectors ® . Members remain Certified by meeting annual continuing education requirements. We are truly proud of the high level of professionalism we maintain throughout our inspection association.

NACHI Oregon - National Association of Certified Home Inspectors.

This is the Oregon State chapter of NACHI. the largest national organization of certified home inspectors. We are dedicated to improving the quality and service of property inspections for home buyers, sellers and Real Estate agents. We intend to do this through the exchange of information, experience and continuing education. Membership in our chapter is open to all Oregon Licensed Home inspectors who qualify and take membership in NACHI.

NWOCHI - Northwest Oregon Certified Home Inspectors

We are a Northwest Oregon, Southwest Washington association of home inspectors, organized for the benefit of providing our members a forum for continuing education, as well as interaction with other Inspectors and industry personnel. As members, we are each committed to increasing our knowledge and resources in order to provide our clients with the most professional certified home inspections available.

NWOCHI members are dedicated individuals, willing to invest in their knowledge and businesses to provide the most qualified property inspection services to individuals or groups, often when purchasing real estate. Our members have a variety of inspection services to offer, not only for single and multi-unit homes, but also multi-family apartments and commercial buildings as well. Many of our Inspectors are also licensed and experienced in Wood Destroying Organisms Inspections, often called Pest and Dry Rot. They come from a variety of skilled backgrounds, so please contact one or more today.

Washington State Department of Agriculture

WSDA is the agency that oversees the inspection of Wood Destroying Organisms. The WSDA has some of the highest standards in the country for the inspection and reporting of pests and dry rot. Any home inspector in the state of Washington claiming to include a pest and dry rot inspection with their home inspection is required by law to be licensed and provide you with a separate WDO report.